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Guide to Purchasing the Best Ibérico Ham

Purchasing an Ibérico ham can be a bit daunting. With so many varieties, labels, and brands to choose from, even Spaniards can find the process overwhelming. There are different colored tags, there’s the ham and the shoulder, and phrases like “acorn-fed” or “Ibérico” denoted on some products and not others. And how can you tell … Continued

How to Preserve a Spanish Ham

Spanish cured meats came about by necessity. Folks were looking for ways to preserve meat without refrigeration and found that with salt, time, and the right temperature, they could safely store their beloved pork for months on end. While cured Spanish ham and shoulder are made to last well beyond any fresh cut, they do … Continued

The Art of Cutting an Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Pork Ham

COVAP’s Alta Expresión Dry-Cured Acorn-Fed 100% Íbérico Pork Ham, or jamón, comes from the cooperatively owned ranchlands in the Valley of Los Pedroches, where the pigs roam free in the southern Spanish dehesa meadow, and happily feed on grass and acorns. These acorns are what give the ham its oleic acid component, the same ingredient … Continued

The Ideal Wine Pairings for Jamón Ibérico

Acorn-fed jamón ibérico deserves to be accompanied by the right beverage. How else can you accurately appreciate the unique flavors of such an exquisite product? A proper pairing encompases so many ideas, but we like to think of a pairing as a harmony between two seemingly distinct foods and/or beverages. So when it comes to … Continued

The Best Beers to Pair with Jamón Ibérico

We talk a lot about wine pairings at COVAP, especially when it comes to Jamón Ibérico. With so many acres of vineyards stretching through Spain, there are loads of phenomenal wines available and thus, picture-perfect wine pairings. But Jamón Ibérico is a vast and expansive food product with so many unique flavors. In other words, … Continued

How to Take Advantage of Leftover Jamón

A leg of jamón offers endless possibilities for some pretty spectacular leftovers. Not only can you carve away at those beautifully thin slices for your charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and breakfast toasts, but those hard to reach places also offer up an array of culinary possibilities and unique flavors. It truly is the gift that keeps … Continued

Special Gifts for the Season

In Spain, the holidays are the prime season for loading up on cured Iberico delicacies. The first days of December kick off the rush to reserve the best jamón Iberico or salchichón for the many holiday festivities. You’ll see women and men walking around the streets of Madrid, Sevilla, or Barcelona with whole legs of … Continued

How to Decorate Your Spanish Holiday Table

There’s no doubt about it, cured Iberico products like jamón, caña de lomo, and chorizo are going to be the prime focus of your holiday table this year. So how can you decorate your table in a way that lets these gorgeous products shine? Luckily, Spanish charcuterie is more than just a delicious snack, it’s … Continued

There’s No Dish like Jamón for the Holidays

The holidays are the time to celebrate. Everyone gathers together to eat, drink, and simply be together. So when it comes to the big family meal, you want it to be a memorable occasion. Which is why Jamón Ibérico is one of the best dishes you can bring to the feast. In Spain, you simply … Continued

What Our Clients Say

Jordi Ramos Review

Jordi Ramos San Francisco, CA

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommended! Real Iberico products coming from Spain! Super nice packaging and the Taste is amazing. I usually bring one of these product + a bottle of wine when I am going to my friend’s place for dinner, and it is always the success of the dinner table!

Review of Julia Lee

Julia Lee New York, NY

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am in love with the covap products! They are the real thing, and you won’t be able to find a better quality in the market! The jamón melts in your mouth! And the salchichón and chorizo are completely amazing! Even the little ones enjoy them so much! The packaging is very neat and easy to store. We are clients for life!

David Lopez Review

David Lopez Miami, FL

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’m so happy with my order! Loved the packaging and we received the order a day before than expected. Product quality is amazing, I feel I’m back to Spain! Can’t wait to get me next order!

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