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Christmas special gifts

Special Gifts for the Season

In Spain, the holidays are the prime season for loading up on cured Iberico delicacies. The first days of December kick off the rush to reserve the best jamón Iberico or salchichón for the many holiday festivities. You’ll see women and men walking around the streets of Madrid, Sevilla, or Barcelona with whole legs of cured Iberian ham tucked under the arms, just waiting to invite over the family to slice it up and celebrate 

This the season to buy high-quality Iberico charcuterie made from the best acorn-fed pigs in the world. So do as the Spaniards do and find the perfect edible gifts for your friends and family this holiday. Here’s a great place to start: 

Picnic Packs for Partners 

Add a little romance to your holiday giving. COVAP’s Deluxe Picnic Pack is a trio of iconic products made from dry-cured, acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork: ham, chorizo, and salchichón. This pack is a phenomenal holiday gift for your partner or another couple you may know. Tuck it under the tree for your partner this year. Or maybe mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa need a delicious Iberian gift!

Each pack of charcuterie comes sliced and packaged, and is ready to take with you on the go for a romantic picnic. Whether it’s a day in the park or an evening by the fireside, you’ll be transported straight to the Andalusian countryside with just a few bites of nutty jamón and smoky chorizo. And the best part is, when you give it to your partner you get to enjoy it too. 

Trio Box for the Refined Palate 

The Trio Box is the ideal gift for someone with an exquisite and refined palate, who appreciates the finer things in life. With whole 6-ounce links of dry-cured paprika-flecked Iberico chorizo, peppered salchichón, and savory morcilla sausage, it’s a delightful assortment of some of the highest quality charcuterie available. 

This Trio Box of exclusive Spanish pork products is a true gourmet delicacy and makes a great gift for the holiday season. It’s also an ideal box set for anyone who appreciates quality food products, or for that person in your life who seems to have everything!  

Whole Hams for the Whole Fam

There’s no food like jamón for the holidays. In Spain, families all around the country share in this delightful local delicacy throughout the holiday season. Walk into the home of any Spanish family around the holidays, and you’ll see a glorious leg of jamón or paleta on the counter, just waiting to be devoured by every visitor. 

Now, we’re not just talking about any type of cured Spanish ham. The holidays are for indulging in the best foods available, and the Pata Negra is the true icon of cured Spanish meat. It’s made from 100% Iberico pigs raised on a diet of natural grasses and acorns. This truly exceptional food is aged for a minimum of 36 months with nothing but salt and the Spanish breeze, producing sweet and savory notes of truffle, acorns, and honey, and leaving a long-lasting finish that keeps you wanting more. 

A whole ham leg is a phenomenal communal treat that keeps on giving. You can create a great tapas board for holiday parties, add it to your dishes at family gatherings, or slice some off for yourself after a long day of cooking, shopping, and present-wrapping. It turns any holiday, brunch, lunch, or dinner into true Spanish luxury. And if you have a smaller family, or are celebrating with just a few friends, a whole paleta (shoulder) is an equally exquisite offering for your holiday table. 

COVAP is Here for Your Holiday Season

There are so many ways to enjoy the holidays with COVAP’s cured Iberico meats. And there is truly no better time of year to indulge. So show the people in your life you truly care this season and surprise them with the best Spanish treats around.  

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What Our Clients Say

Jordi Ramos Review

Jordi Ramos San Francisco, CA

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommended! Real Iberico products coming from Spain! Super nice packaging and the Taste is amazing. I usually bring one of these product + a bottle of wine when I am going to my friend’s place for dinner, and it is always the success of the dinner table!

Review of Julia Lee

Julia Lee New York, NY

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am in love with the covap products! They are the real thing, and you won’t be able to find a better quality in the market! The jamón melts in your mouth! And the salchichón and chorizo are completely amazing! Even the little ones enjoy them so much! The packaging is very neat and easy to store. We are clients for life!

David Lopez Review

David Lopez Miami, FL

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’m so happy with my order! Loved the packaging and we received the order a day before than expected. Product quality is amazing, I feel I’m back to Spain! Can’t wait to get me next order!

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